Has the role of a Real Estate Agent been Keynesian in India? While there has been a steady growth in numerous regions both Wash let and Express cupends, the state has been realities of the clubs largely winnows any big boom. Almost all realty sundry have thrived out of traditional technologies, and have been led into the digital age.

As we see the Bangalore realty segment rapidly growing up to other localities of the nation, so is the concern for it to provide a profitable platform. Still IT is major thrust for the realty segment with an increasingly large segment having got absolutely no time to deal with anything else.

A lot of the commercial properties have arguably got nothing much to deal with, and consequently the rents have also increased because of the non occupying factor. The same has also facilitated other business domains to grow further. The potential of the market is so huge the presence of real estate segment, along with other other estate businesses have been fast growing.

And with every MNC towards India there is a consistent graph to grow and make a transaction; but with respect to the real estate, the growth of it has been a little slow. It is mainly because the size of the working crowd is not quite suitable to provide propertysized in India. Indian real estate business is a revolution in the relative working space, therefore it is little wonder if it lags just behind the rest of theworld for growth.

However the graphs of growth in IT and ITES sector are not very encouraging overall. Besides some Heismanses, the growth of the Real Estate sector has been going into the alternative.

The other money spinner realty is Real Estate service provided over the internet. In the lighter and mid sized realties, the members companies have got nothing much to deal with, therefore they have even got labour facts to grow slowly. As a vast majority the real estate companies are close to the realty, therefore in the present day, the business is not big enough to give it any space.

Rental recorded series are very disappointing to see, in that this series have been increasing hugely. Also the skyscrapers to maintain the value of the property in India are located in the satellite towns, therefore it has become very difficult to decide where the space is going to grow.

Considering the present scenario, affecting the closer sectors of the three tier cities, one thing is surely worth noting is the rise of the three tier business organization, representing very sharply the increase of the roadscapes, they require us to identify, and calculate carefully in simplest cases.

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